Photos: Preparing for the Journey




IMG_0156The crew got together a few days before the journey to map out their location.

IMG_0150IMG_0152Patty Nagle, David Witt, and Thomas Jaggers look over the map to discuss location and travel plans together.

IMG_0159As you can see by the picture above, the crew is journeying to the Arctic Circle.


Elena Keys, a colleague at the Academy, made the perfect care package for Patty.

It has sunscreen, facial moisturizer and…


…A guide on how to survive a bear attack. Thank you, Elena!

IMG_0171Patty showed us some of the other supplies that they packed for the trip.

IMG_0166As we learned from E. T. Seton in Seth’s letter, mosquito repellant is necessary.

IMG_0179Here we see radios, a satellite phone, a handheld camcorder, a lot of mosquito repellant, a camera, solar panels, Elena’s lovely care package, and more.



Happy travels, friends! 


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