They’ve Arrived!

We received messages from our travelers yesterday evening. They’ve arrived safely. Here is what they’ve encountered, so far:

“We’re off!”


Photo of David, Patty, and Thomas (From Left) at the Santa Fe Airport before departing.

Message from Thomas:

We are at Aylmer Lake Lodge. Turns out they installed wifi last week, so while here we have internet access. We are here today and tonight; tomorrow we will now most likely do a day-trip and then come back here in the evening. So, today (Monday) and tomorrow we have access online. Wednesday we will probably leave for a 5-day camping trip.

Attached are three photos from so far today (we have lots more, but internet is slow so don’t want to send loads). We’ll send a blog report later today, and one or two tomorrow.

The paw print on the mirror is from the grizzly bear that broke into the lodge last week. Kevin the owner shot him, though not before he had trashed the bathroom.

Other two photos are a view from the plane ride here and a long view from the plane of the lodge where we are staying – small buildings in the bay.




Message from Patty:

We are here… This is the view from the “lodge.”  Not sure it’s good but we have wireless at the lodge. All has gone smooth so far. Stay tuned



A couple lake trout.  Just wish I could say I caught them but I didn’t.  But I’m working on it!!!




1 thought on “They’ve Arrived!

  1. Jenny. .& Tony

    Great to hear how things are. Weather? (After all we are British). Mosquitoes or midges? How’s the trout hunt going? Keep posting. Love Mum & Dad



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