Patty Nagle: July 31, 2015

We spent the last two nights out, over 30 miles from the Lodge, exploring Seton sites and soaking up more of the immense spaciousness of the landscape.  We have seen little wildlife aside from fish and birds. I noticed today how easy I can fall into a place of complacency with my surroundings and yet in this setting that could cost me my life. It made me think, how often do I become complacent in my life? And because my life doesn’t literally depend on “staying awake” the risk is that I fall prey to a permanent state of complacency. That’s what an experience like this does – it provides me with a relative experience and reminds me what it feels like to be to be truly alive.

Attached is a photo of a Muskox track (with a GPS the size of a walkie-talkie to provide a scale of the size of the hoof print) – one of many reminders that I need to stay alert.

Heading back out into the wild tomorrow,


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